Chris L. Tang


  • Experienced data scientist and machine learning engineer, specializing in developing products and acting on insights extracted from data.

    Currently seeking opportunities to work with other ML engineers and experienced practitioners, and guide mixed-discipline teams in developing data science products.

Employment History

Bombfell Principal Data Scientist New York, NY

July 2015Present

  • Founding member of Bombfell's Data Science and Operations Research team

    Executed research, constructed models, communicated findings, and architected machine learning systems as Principal Data Scientist reporting to executive team. Developed, constructed, maintained and validated the company’s prototype and production recommender and stylist-user pairing and request scheduling systems for in-house stylists, as well as automated reporting of metrics for these and styling team operating capacity.

    Created Bombfell's analytical compensation equation based on stylist performance, guiding senior managers on its implementation and implications. Executed research and analytical modeling for drivers contributing to user behavior and item performance by mining transactional and in-house data. Primary tools included Python, pandas, numpy, statsmodels, patsy, jupyter, boto, spark and TensorFlow-Keras.

    In engineering capacity, built Python-ORM framework for expressing machine learning inputs and derived features with directed acyclic dependencies. Built State and Event framework for modeling Bombfell’s data objects. Led weekly meetings with product and CTO to structure and prioritize the company’s data science needs. Led office hours for consulting on business analysis and teaching Skills, interviewed engineering and data science candidates, and contributed to product development throughout the company.

JW Player Senior Software Engineer New York, NY

October 2014July 2015

  • Developed responsive web elements for managing enterprise users, video analytics, billing services, product entitlements and feature segmentation, helping team to deliver key technical milestones.
Entangible Principal Consultant New York, NY

September 2013

  • Established a private consulting practice for developing bespoke software and technology for clients and research collaborators.

    Wrote open source software for manipulating biological sequences.
Knewton Software Engineer New York, NY

May 2010August 2013

  • Platform Engineering and DevOps

    Created first production Java-based web services for delivering recommendations, and receiving and storing tracking information for recommendations delivered and viewed. Responsible for protocol design of the tracking information, instrumentation, unit and performance testing, configuration, and deployment of these services, as well as maintenance of environment on which web services were deployed.

    Maintained tools for providing reports on the calibration quality of the IRT psychometric models used in student math and verbal assessment. Continuously monitored and addressed issues related to the student assessment service for the Knewton test preparation platform. Performed on-call operations support duties as Production Support engineer at least 28 days per year.

    Java/Python technology stack included google-guice, Jersey, Cassandra, Hector, ZooKeeper, Apache Thrift serialization, Graphite, kestrel, kafka, rabbitMQ, nginx, Amazon EC2, S3, ELB, DropWizard, CloudFormation, Chef, git. 1-week sprints, unit tests, code review and continuous deployment were supported supported by Jira, Jenkins, Gerrit, and maven. Test preparation platform included MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript.

  • Team Lead on Data Science, Analytics

    Responsible for tracking and analyzing data inputs and recommendation service outputs for validating recommendation quality and correctness based on agreed upon rule-sets and business logic. Mentored team of two analysts responsible for responding to issue reports with Knewton's key business partners and content providers. Managed team of two engineers by performing iteration planning as one of four Team Leads.

    Developed analytics tools for student progress on-track/off-track indicator, and student cohort clustering and analysis. Interviewed candidates and collaborated in developing screening criteria for recruiting data science team. Helped specify and contribute to the proficiency and scoring models for the recommendation service. Developed visualization tools for the concept prerequisite graph.

    A Hack Day winner for contributions made to simulating students working through a knowledge graph.

Tickreel Machine Learning Programmer New York, NY

June 2009March 2010

  • Applied NLP and machine learning methods to the sentiment classification of short, unstructured text, producing production code in C++ benchmarked at near human accuracy.
Columbia University Graduate Research Fellow New York, NY

September 2001May 2008

  • Conducted and published original research on the prediction of protein molecular structure from genetic sequence patterns, and the nature of electrostatic forces in RNA.
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Research Associate Cambridge, MA

June 1997May 2000

  • Conducted experiments and published algorithms concerning the identification of protein signatures in complex mixtures.

Volunteer Experience

DataKind Data Ambassador
  • Investigating and communicating drivers for student retention at DCC.
New York Academy of Science Scientist in Residence
  • Partnering with NYC public school to design an intervention for a community problem and studying its impact.


Columbia University M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Computational Biology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology S.B. Biology, Minor Writing

Professional Skills